09 March 2008

Kiddie concert

Thursday night was my first experience with a grammar school music program. The 2nd and 3rd graders in BB’s school put on a music program of Disney songs. For various reasons, I have not attended one of these events with Shane before, but BB specifically asked if I would be at this one.

Because BB lives in the next town over, Shane and I left work a little early in order to get to Topeka in enough time to take BB to dinner before the show. I armed myself with yarn and needles and we were off (Shane, with much sarcasm, “Do you want to take the laptop?” [guess I spend too much time on the laptop and this was his way of saying so]. Me, “Uh, no, have yarn, will travel.”).

Several days ago, BB had asked if we could eat at a local pizzeria for dinner because his older sister Button (I’m calling her that ‘cuz she is just cute as a…) had recently gotten a hostessing job there and he wanted to visit her. She greeted us when we walked in the door and showed us to our seats.

Our waitress mistook me for BB’s mom, whom she had talked to on the phone but had not met in person yet. After we ordered and she walked away, BB laughed at her thinking I was his mom. “You’re stepmom, but not mom. But you’re a good mom.” That made me smile. I told him that he was giving me good practice because Dad and I want to have a baby. He was okay with that. He has so many siblings, both step and half, that he doesn’t mind having more.

Boy was he antsy! He talked a mile a minute during dinner, then wouldn’t sit still and wait for Shane and me to finish our meals.

Brady 030608

Then, when we parked the car at the school, we were a few minutes early, so we sat with the car running, listening to the radio. I was knitting, Shane was chilling. BB was bouncing off the walls.

BB: “Why are we just sitting here?”
Us (with much laughter): “Because it’s making you crazy.”
BB: “But why are we sitting here?”
Us: “Because you don’t want to.”
BB two minutes later: “So why are we just sitting here?”
Us: “Because you can’t sit still.”

That back-and-forth continued for a few minutes before we finally allowed him to get out of the car and meet his friends in the music room.

The program itself was funny. Not because the intention was to be funny, but because I had to just laugh at these poor kids made to sing these stupid songs with hand gestures. Geez, why do adults do this to kids? None of them looked like they were having too much fun. They were all pretty nervous.

concert 030608
BB is near the middle of the photo, wearing a gree shirt with black a white stripes across the chest

Well, everyone except BB. What a ham! As the other kids were making hand gestures in time to the music, BB is up there jammin’ out to his own groove. Shane and I were just about crying from laughing so hard at him. He was really enjoying himself. He even got to play the xylophone during one song.

xylophone 030608

Thankfully these performances don't last very long - only about 30 minutes. There were a lot of kids of all ages and babies in the audience, and after 30 minutes of having to sit still, the whole crowd was ready to burst. I guess this is the first of many of these things I'm going to have to attend if Shane and I are going to have kids. Oh joy.


Blogger TechGirl said...

okay...You need to learn some good comebacks.

For example when he sarcastically asked about the laptop, you shoulda come back with "should we bring the playstation?"


10:02 PM  
Blogger weezalana said...

LOL! Why *do* adults do that to kids? I'll spare you the time I was dressed like a big yellow book. And I was in high school, so I really should've known better.

11:24 AM  

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