02 March 2008

I lied

I said in my last post that I would tell you about my next sock project tomorrow. Well, tomorrow was Wednesday. It's now Sunday. Oops.

I have a good excuse though! I swear! I left Thursday morning for a business trip in Denver. Just returned yesterday afternoon.

So what is my next sock project? The Scroll Lace socks by Rebekkah of Bowerbird Knits. I've seen a couple of different sock patterns recently that use a similar stitch pattern, but since Rebekkah's was the first one I saw, and immediately knew I had to make a pair, I am using her pattern. I'll have photos on Wednesday. I am already on the gusset of the first sock. They're going really fast. I love this pattern.


So, Denver was really nice. The weather was amazing - 60 degrees and sunny all three days we were there. M and I went there to go to the editorial board meeting and publications meeting for one of our clients. M has been the publisher for a few months and I have been the managing editor since October last year. This was our first time meeting the client. The visit went really well. It was a really good thing that we decided to go to the meetings.

We ended up with a lot more free time than I usually have on business trips. We walked around the 16th Street Mall on Thursday, and a little on Friday afternoon. They have a free shuttle that runs the length of 16th Street, so you can just hop on and off whenever you want.

The best part of the trip was the yarn shop we visited, Posh. We had to take a cab, and I got the address wrong so we ended up going a little out of our way, but we eventually made it there. The shop is very small, but the woman who owns it is really nice. There was another woman working there as well who was really nice, but a little too eager to help. I'm the type of person who likes to shop on my own, and the employee was kinda annoying following me around. I couldn't be mad though; she was just trying to help.

They had a lot of yarns that my LYS doesn't carry: Noro, Elsbeth Lavold, Aurucania, Mountain Colors, Handmaiden. I wasn't sure what to buy until the owner pointed out some locally dyed sock yarn. That decided it - I love to buy local stuff when I'm buying souvenir yarn. I think the dyer's company name is Red Rocks, but I'll have to dig the skein out of my luggage to be sure. I'll post pictures of it later. I also found some Mountain Colors Barefoot and Alpaca Sox that I had to have. Three skeins of sock yarn - not bad.

And M? What a saint for indulging my obsession and going shopping with me, especially since she's not a knitter. She bought some Alpaca Sox for her sister who is a knitter, so I guess it wasn't a total waste of time for her. And besides, there was an Irish Pub across the street where we had a beer before going back to the hotel. Beer makes every adventure much better!


Blogger Brena said...

Oh... thanks for the intro to the sock pattern, I've never seen one like it.

Business trips are usually so boring, I'm glad you had a good one! I have a couple of server machines located in Denver so if I ever have to go on a trip there I'll remember your nice words about Posh!

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so fun to see (and feel!) new yarns in person. Glad you had a great trip.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Magatha said...

Thanks for the link to that website. I haven't been there in a long time and I love two of her sock patterns. The tree sock is a MUST do for a tree freak and a cable freak like myself.

How fun to have a leisurely business trip! Usually they are such a headlong slog of misery and late flights. For us anyway. I have not set foot in Denver for over 20 years. I need to go on a pilgrimage to the land of South Park. :-)
I do feel better today. Still coughing. That's a great thing about NOT smoking, I don't have the horrible bronchitis to get over after every bout with a virus like I did when I was a smoker. I'll get you to quit. ;)

3:50 PM  

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