14 May 2007

Mom's Day and stuff

Not much going on to blog about. Mother’s Day was good. Shane and Brady gave me a pretty box of Russell Stover chocolates and a couple of cards. Later in the day we took Brady to see Spider-Man 3. It was okay, but the plot was a bit disjointed, and it seemed longer than it actually was, which was probably a symptom of the plot not being that great. Shane took Brady back to his mom’s house after the movie, and we met up at Mom and Dad’s for dinner a while later. I made chili; Wendy made a salad and some corn muffins. Kevin and Christy couldn’t be there because they were in St. Louis for a beer fest (which is kind of a business trip for Kevin since he brews beer for a living). Overall, it was a nice evening.

On the knitting front, I’ve hit sort of wall with the argyle sweater vest I am working on. After doing about 5 rows of the intarsia that argyle requires, I completely lost my patience with it and ripped it out to the ribbed hem. Instead, I am going to try mosaic knitting in a diamond pattern, using the rusty orange and denim blue that I was going to use on the argyle. It should be much easier. I haven’t felt like charting out the pattern yet, so I haven’t picked up the sweater in a while. The sleeveless cardigan I’m making for myself is coming along slowly but surely. I have probably 20 more rows to do for the back, then I can start on the front left side.

The other current project I’m working on is, of course, a pair of socks. I had started on a pair of Pomatomous socks a couple of weeks ago, using Koigu. I got to the heel flap of the first sock before I decided to try the thing on. It was way too tight. So, I ripped it all out. I’m not sure how I’m going to alter the pattern so that it fits. I don’t want to add a pattern repeat because that would mean a total of 84 stitches, and I think that will be too big. I need to figure out how to add just 8 stitches to make it 80 total stitches. I haven’t had the brain energy to figure that out yet. So, instead, I am knitting my mom a pair of socks. Two years ago, I made her a pair of plain stockinette socks in Opal, on size 2 needles. The stitches were huge, making the fabric very bumpy, and the foot on both socks was too short. Knowing that she had only worn them a couple of times, and that the yarn couldn’t be too worn, I asked her to give them back to me so that I could redo them. I ripped them out, soaked the yarn in plain water, and stretched it out for drying to take out the kinks. I decided on Broadripple for the pattern. I added 4 stitches to the pattern for a total of 62 stitches (mom has much thinner feet than I), and I’m working on them toe-up. They’re going pretty quickly. I started them weekend before last and I’m already to the heel of the first sock. They’re turning out quite nicely. I'll go back to the Pomatomous socks when I'm finished with these.

02 May 2007


Beautiful Samus.

Samus before frogging

Lovely in your bright pink fuzziness. I dreamed of your color for months before deciding that you were the lucky pattern with which I would express my dreams. Such wonderful yarn to work with--Lamb's Pride. Single ply, soft, squishy, with just a hint of shine.

I am so sorry that I abused you. I have a very warped sense of my body size, and made you large enough for an amazon. Denial is a strong thing, so I didn't want to admit my error until your sleeves were seamed. Then the dark reality hit me--though I loved you from the day I cast-on, I would never wear you like this. I had no choice...

Samus after

I promise that when I try knitting you again, I will do a fabulous job. You deserve it.