02 May 2007


Beautiful Samus.

Samus before frogging

Lovely in your bright pink fuzziness. I dreamed of your color for months before deciding that you were the lucky pattern with which I would express my dreams. Such wonderful yarn to work with--Lamb's Pride. Single ply, soft, squishy, with just a hint of shine.

I am so sorry that I abused you. I have a very warped sense of my body size, and made you large enough for an amazon. Denial is a strong thing, so I didn't want to admit my error until your sleeves were seamed. Then the dark reality hit me--though I loved you from the day I cast-on, I would never wear you like this. I had no choice...

Samus after

I promise that when I try knitting you again, I will do a fabulous job. You deserve it.


Blogger TechGirl said...

sweater murderer.

8:49 PM  

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