03 April 2007

Happy Birthday Brady!

Brady turned 8 yesterday. We had him last weekend, so we celebrated on Saturday. Wendy and Pete went with us to see The Last Mimzy. It's the first movie we've seen in the theatre since Hoodwinked last year. I highly recommend it. Good sci-fi kids movie. After the movie we went to dinner at Brady's favorite restaurant, Applebee's. Then we went back to our house to open gifts and have cupcakes. Brady had a really good time. He kept saying that he was 8 on Saturday, then when he went back to his mom's he'd be 7 again, then 8 again on Monday (since we had to celebrate his birthday early). Oh, and he shushed Wendy and me during the movie previews. Don't think I've ever been shushed by an 8 year old before.


I couldn't sleep last night so I got up around 11:30 and went into the living room to watch tv. I started rifling through the drawer in one of end tables, looking for some craft thread that I knew was in there, and I stumbled upon a letter that I wrote the X the 3rd (but not final) time we broke up. It wasn't dated, but I must have written it in May 1999. He had just broken up with me, and I wrote the letter as a way of telling him off. If I remember correctly, he didn't have much to say when he ended things; he just wanted it to be done, so I didn't get a chance to say much. Reading that letter, I can't believe that I ever felt anything for him. He was horrible to me even back then. I should have just moved on. But, no. He called from Germany two months later whining about how lonely he was and begging me to take him back. I'll never understand why I agreed, or why I stayed with him for 4 more torturous years. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Looks like Shane may get screwed out of a decent raise this year. He had his review this afternoon, and his boss tried to give him a 2.5% raise. Shane just told him that he needed to do better than that, and walked out of his office. He has averaged between 55 and 60 hours the last 8 months (oh, and he was made salaried this time last year, so he's not getting overtime anymore)--the company can afford to give him a good raise. I generally believe that everyone in every job is replaceable, but in Shane's case, AP would be in a world of hurt if they didn't have him. They should pay him what he's worth instead of continuing to take advantage of his loyalty. I'm guessing they think they can get away with paying him shit because he has been there for so long (16 years this year), and he's not likely to quit because of a bad raise. I guess for the sake of our family, I can just hope that I get a good raise in May. But, I also work for AP, and I've been here long enough to know not to count on it.


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