21 February 2007

Poor Blueberry

My car (the Blueberry) has a boo-boo. Last Friday morning I arrived at work at the usual time, and as usual, there weren't any actual parking spaces, so I had to park behind the warehouse, up against the building, in the grass/mud/gravel. I pulled into the "space" where I intended to park, backed up to straighten up the car in said space, and promptly ran into a trash dumpster that occupies a corner of the mud behind the warehouse. Smashed the tail light on the drivers' side. And when I say smashed, I mean shattered into a million pieces that flew past the drivers' side window as I heard a crunch and turned my head in the direction of the trash dumpster. Yes, Lisa, this is the same corner of the car that I boo-boo'd on your tree 2 years ago. Clearly that is my blind-spot. Either that or the car is just too damned large for me, as I am strangely disconnected with what happens in the back half of the car most of the time. I suppose backing into innocent inanimate objects is just an inevitability for someone like me.

Needless to say, we won't be reporting this to the insurance company. Thankfully, none of the metal was damaged, except for a small ding. Shane thinks he can replace the tail light himself. He ordered it from the Honda dealer today. He called me this afternoon to ask if I knew whether the car was made in London or Japan. I guess that makes a difference on which tail light the dealership orders. I didn't know, so he asked me to look at the VIN number, which I just so happened to have on my insurance card. Since the number started with a J, it was made in Japan. How cool is that? My car came all the way from Japan 4 years ago. I know that "foreign car" means that the car was manufactured overseas, but I've never really thought about the fact that my car was made on the other side of the globe. Yeah, I know, small things amuse me.


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Blogger Jolly Roger said...

We've left your tail lens around the tree as a kind of commemorative thing. The scars you left on the tree have mostly healed, however....

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