06 February 2007

My new favorite snack

My afternoon snack today is a 100 calorie pack of Doritos. What clever marketing people must work for Frito Lay. When I purchased the box of little baggies, I was prepared to find the "Doritos" to be a low-cal, i.e. low-taste, version of the original. Instead, what I found were actual Doritos, in miniature. The serving is probably only about 20 chips, but because they are smaller than the original, you can grab several at a time and pop them in your mouth all at once. Now, I know that makes me seem a bit gluttonish, but honestly, when I'm sitting at my desk, I like finger foods that can be eaten by the handful. And the fact that they are actual Doritos pleases me more than I can describe. When one is trying to lose weight, diet food becomes about as appealing as chewing on sawdust. You just get sick of the lack of taste after a while (or the increase in herbs and spices meant to mask the fact that there is not fat--who are the food manufacturers fooling? This southern girl can tell when butter, or fat, is missing.). I love that I can have a "bag" of Doritos and they're only 100 calories.

Carry on.


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