07 January 2007

San Antonio

I left Friday morning at 6:30 for the airport. Trip to San Antonio for work. Shane drove Kerry and me to the airport; we flew Midwest. Rhett flew a separate airline and met us in SA. The flight down was uneventful. I read a book instead of knitting, which I almost never do. I've been feeling a little disconnected to my literary past, which I'll expound upon some other time, so although I had a project with me, I decided to read instead.

The trip itself went well. The purpose was to go to one my client's conferences so that we could meet with the editors of two of my journals. At least, that was the purpose for me. Kerry being the publisher, and Rhett being the ad manager, they had slightly different goals. In the end, we all accomplished what needed to be accomplished. I was glad the day was over when we finally got back to the hotel after 9pm. Very long day. Thankfully, there were no meetings planned for Saturday morning. Just the flight home. Jeans all the way baby! I hate dressing up, particularly when I have to wear pantyhose.

I took some pictures of the hotel with my phone (which accounts for the lack of quality--apologies). It was really nice. The only reason we ended up staying there was because the hotel where the meeting was taking place was full. I think if I ever go back to SA, I'll definitely stay in this place, The Fairmount Hotel. It's a couple of blocks from the River Walk, which is where we ate lunch and dinner Friday.

San Antonio room
Here's a shot of my room. Each room is individually decorated. Sorry for the lighting; there wasn't much to be had except three small lamps. The curtains on the left cover a door to a terrace...
San Antonio balcony view
The balcony looked over a courtyard.

Here's my room key:
San Antonio key
The last time I stayed in a hotel where you got an actual key was years ago in San Francisco. I just loved the giant tassel attached to it. No losing that one in my bag.

And, finally, say hello to Luke:
San Antonio Luke
Don't worry, he's not dead. Just sleeping. This is the hotel dog. Very large and very sweet. I spotted him when we were checking in and we bonded shortly thereafter. He loves to have his tummy rubbed. Sigh. I miss having a dog.


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