02 February 2007

Happy Groundhog Day

Looks like we'll have an early spring this year (according to the Pennsylvania rodent). Given that it's about 10 degrees outside right now, an early spring sounds pretty good. But this is Kansas, anything can happen with the weather at any moment. Who knows? Maybe we'll have a heat wave tomorrow.


I finished Kevin's birthday socks on Wednesday, just in time for his birthday this weekend. Okay, so they were supposed to be for his 28th birthday and this is his 29th. So what? Better late than never. I'll post pictures of them later. Not that they're anything great to look at. Boring 2x2 rib in navy blue. It's exactly what he requested, and they were a total snooze to knit. I'm so glad they're finished.


My secret pal sent me an email yesterday saying I had a package coming to me. Hee hee! I can't wait! My intention is to go shopping tomorrow to get some stuff to send to my downstream SP. I need to get the package in the mail by Monday if I want it to reach her in Germany by Valentine's Day.


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