29 January 2007

I am a sweater loser

Samus has gone to the frog pond. I finally got around to seaming it this past weekend. I sewed on the first sleeve and tried it on. The sweater seemed awfully large, but I thought maybe it would look okay once I had the second sleeve attached. No such luck. It's GINORMOUS. What the hell was I thinking? I live in this body 24/7; you'd think I'd have an idea of my size by now. My gauge was off, but I decided to make a larger size to compensate. Doing so was not necessarily a bad idea. The nearly-finished product ended up the size I expected it to be. I just wasn't prepared for how large that size would look on me. I guess if it were 1982 and shoulder pads were in vogue, I'd be right on the money with the size. I would seriously have to have massive shoulders for the sweater to look decent.

9 months of work wasted. Damn. I'm just going to put it away for a while and contemplate frogging it later. Maybe in a few months I'll pick it up and start working on it again. I just hope the yarn will hold up to being unraveled and reknitted.


On a lighter note, I've joined the Knitty Coffeeshop Secret Pal, round 8. My downstream SP lives outside the country, so I have to think of things to send her weeks in advance of when I want her to receive them. I'm hoping none of my packages takes more than a week to get to her, but you never know what to expect with the post office. My upstream SP claimed me last week. I'm so excited! Gifts! In the mail! This will make the whole yarn diet thing much easier to stick to. I'll post updates when I have them.


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