15 January 2007

Knit from my stash 2007

To go along with my resolution to knit only things that are currently on the needles for the month of January, I have joined a knit-a-long to bust my yarn stash this year. Here are the rules and exceptions:

1) Knit only stash yarn from 1/1/07 to 9/30/07. The ending date is earlier than the end of the year presumably because knitters always have lots of gifts to knit for Christmas which would require yarn purchases.

2) Knitting accessories (tapestry needles, stitch markers, etc.) and books do not count.

3) Travel purchases are allowed. These are purchases made at yarn shops more than 100 miles from my home. This allows for shopping at yarn shops while I'm traveling. Not that I travel all that often, but when I do, I like to visit "foreign" stores.

4) I have in mind a sweater I want to make for a certain family member for Christmas this year. Said sweater will require color work that I am not experienced in. I am allowed to buy yarn for this project earlier than the September cutoff so that I may start on it over the summer.

5) I have a secret Knitty pal for the next three months. Should I choose to knit her something, I am allowed to buy yarn for it.

That's it. I don't think it'll be too hard to stick to this one. It just means I'm not allowed in Yarn Barn anymore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you come out here this year, are you gonna make me go yarn shopping again? :)

3:40 PM  

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