24 January 2007

Samus progress

I'm nearly finished with my pink Samus. My plan is to have it finished by the first weekend in February. I finished the second sleeve last night and blocked it after George W. finished blowing hot air.

See? Knitting away on the sleeve.
Abbey is tuckered out from helping.

I noticed a mistake in the cabling. Can you find it?
No big deal. There are several in the cables on the body of the sweater. I don't think anyone will notice.

There's the finished body.

Here we are, happily blocking.

Oh my. What's that on the left side of the sweater?
Um. Uh. It looks like 3 bound off stitches on what's supposed to be a straight edge. WHAT?!?

Yes, I am indeed a moron. I bound off three stitches in the middle of the left edge of the left side. Making a non-straight edge. That I have to frog. And reknit. 40-ish rows. Damn. That'll set me back a couple of days.

On the upside, I found some row markers that I really like. They are these little brass safety pins that don't have the loop of wire at the bent end of the pin.
They work so much better than a piece of waste yarn, which is my previous solution to the "how to keep track of the number of rows" problem.


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