18 February 2007

Finished socks

I've managed to finish 2 pairs of socks over the last month. The first was the pair that I gave Kevin for his 28th birthday (actually given to him on his 29th birthday). I started them in early January. I think they took about 3 weeks to finish.

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Sorry for the quality of the picture. I forgot to take a picture of them before giving them to Kevin, so I had to snap a quickie with my phone. Pattern is my own--a simple 2x2 rib with a slip-stitch heel. Yarn is Encore Worsted in navy, done on size 5 double pointed needles. I personally cannot imagine wearing something so thick, but he seems to like them, as these were requested by him last year. I guess he wears them over regular socks. My feet are sweating just thinking about it.

This next pair is the first pair that I have made for myself. I started them last spring and was just able to finish them a couple of weeks ago.


Pattern is Thuja. I adapted it for my foot and used the heel flap that I've used on other socks, so I didn't follow the pattern for the whole sock exactly. The yarn is Opal in a color that I cannot remember. Can't find the ball band. I bought it from one of my aunt Jean's friends who sells Opal sock yarns. I've worn them a couple of times already and they're very comfy. Not as hot as I feared they would be. And the fit is great. I can now see why so many people are devotees of hand-knitted socks.

I'm working on another pair out of the yarn that my SP gave me. It's my first toe-up pattern using the Magic Loop method and I'm really loving them. I'll post pictures later.


Blogger TechGirl said...

Cool socks! If I lose a bunch of weight this year, can I ask you to make me a pair?

12:07 AM  
Blogger Beverly... said...

Certainly! There are about a billion different sock yarns out there, as well as patterns, so whenever you are ready, just let me know.

11:38 AM  

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