06 March 2007

More spoils for me!

There was a box waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday! My wonderful SP sent me another package. Look what was inside...


Scarf Style is a book that I have wanted ever since I saw pictures of the Lady Eleanor wrap that others had knitted. I have in mind two people I want to make these for, possible as Christmas gifts this year, so I was quite excited to finally have a copy of the book. There are a bunch of other great patterns in it as well. It definitely makes me think of scarves on a different level than the boring one-color snoozers that I've made.

Also in the box was a package of Reese's peanut butter cups. Yummers. One of my favorites, to be sure. And, 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon in a fabulous colorway. It has blues and purples, and orange, and dark red. Blue and orange, being complementary colors, are one of my favorite combinations. Somewhere in my mind is a design for an argyle sweater using these colors. Anyway, I've never seen or felt any Noro in person, so I was so excited to receive these 2 skeins. Yarn Barn is awesome, and carries a shitload of manufacturers, but Noro is not one of them.

The very best part of the package is that thing on the left. Here's another (slightly blurry) picture of it...


My amazingly talented SP made this great bag for me! Yes, she MADE it! I suck at sewing, so I'm always amazed when I see things that people have sewn themselves. The bag is probably 12"x7"x7" (I'm at work so I can't measure exactly), has a zipper closure, and a nifty handle at one end. The construction reminds me of a shaving kit that my dad used to take on trips when I was a kid. The colors are blue and orange, and she even lined it with a matching blue fabric. It is just the perfect size to carry small projects, like socks. I've been using this hideous gingham bag to carry my projects around, which is also the bag I use to carry lunch to work everyday. I am so glad to have something so pretty and functional to carry around now. I feel so spoiled!

As for my downstream SP, I am working on something for her right now. I hope to get a package in the mail next week. I think I will use UPS this time, as the USPS failed me miserably last time.


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