11 April 2007

Unexpected goodies

Steph called me yesterday afternoon and told me to come to her desk, as she had a gift for me.

yarn & needles from Steph

That's 7 skeins of Pinguin Fleur de Laine 100% wool yarn in a classic hunter green, 2 sets of 13" Clover bamboo size 5 needles, 1 pair of 13" Clover bamboo size 3 needles, 1 pair of 13" Boye aluminum size 5 needles, 1 pair of 13" Boye aluminum size 7 needles, a set of 16" Boye aluminum size 5 circulars, and a gauge finder. She had never told me this before, but many years ago, she took a knitting class at Yarn Barn. Ultimately, she decided that the counting involved in knitting wasn't as relaxing as she thought it would be, so she never got past the first few classes. She's had the materials for a sweater in her closet for years. Here's the pattern book that went with the class:

book from Steph

The receipt from the class was still in the bag, and it was dated 1991. I was still in high school! I couldn't find the brand of yarn in the Yarndex, so I suspect it's not a brand that exists anymore. It's actually pretty soft wool.

Here's the pattern that she was going to make:

Steph's sweater

I've decided that I am going to make her a sweater-vest with the yarn. I briefly contemplated making the intended sweater, but it's not really something she'd wear anymore. Styles were different 16 years ago, you know? Not to mention that it looks like miles of moss stitch, which makes my wrists hurt just thinking about it. I think I'll do something with a large cable up the front, possibly V-neck, with accent ribbing and a large cable up the front. I should have enough yarn for it, but I might add a contrasting color, for interest. Hunter green is her favorite color, which is why I wasn't surprised when I saw the color of the yarn. It is so not something I would ever use for a garment for anyone but her.

This works out really well because I was thinking about making her and Lisa ("work" Lisa) something for Christmas. I can do the sweater-vest for Steph and a Lady Eleanor shawl for Lisa. I can get a little more creative with the colors for Lisa because she has taste similar to my own. Steph is much pickier, so it's only fitting that she purchased this yarn herself.


Blogger TechGirl said...

I think it's funny that you have a "work lisa" and a "my lisa". :) goofball.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Beverly... said...

It's the only way I can keep the two of you straight when I'm talking to other people. Otherwise, much confusion ensues.

3:01 PM  

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