15 May 2008

Or else I'll have bad dreams

I was so thoroughly upset by the ending on the season finale of CSI that I had to watch something light-hearted to calm myself down before going to bed. The winner? James and the Giant Peach.

Hey TechGirl, remember when Mrs. Kessling read that book to us in 5th grade? My memories of that book are so positive that I bought a copy of it several years ago just so I could have it near me.


Blogger weezalana said...

Hmmm, I haven't watched it yet. I've got it on Tivo. Now I know I'll need to watch something light and uplifting afterwards!

10:47 AM  
Blogger TechGirl said...

Mrs. K totally rocked. She was easily one of the best teachers I had. I liked that book a lot and it opened me up to the rest of the books by that author. My favorite being "BFG".

I'm a couple CSI's behind on the DVR. The last one I saw was when Gris was home sick and there was a little girl that died. I almost turned that one off right when I found out what the case was going to be about.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

I get bad dreams from TV shows too. The Tick always cheers me up!

4:33 PM  

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