14 January 2008

Brother socks FO

I finished the world's most boring socks yesterday. The leg on that second sock was painful. I wasn't sure I could get through it without dying of boredom, but somehow I managed.

brother socks6011408

Plain stockinette anything is good to have on the needles for those times when you either cannot or do not want to pay attention to what you're doing. But I really prefer to have something more interesting to work on. I guess it's better than miles of ribbing, which would not only bore me, but would result in stabbing myself in the eye.

Look at that short row heel!
brother socks2 011408.
and that long piece of red fuzz!

I have only worked short row heels on 2 other pairs of socks and didn't like the way they turned out - the usual complaints about holes when picking up the wraps. In doing a search for short row tutorials, I stumbled across this one and it worked like a dream! It's a little hard to slip the double-wrapped stitches over, but the result is worth it.

As preferred, I worked these toe-up using Judy's Magic Cast-on.
brother socks3 011408

I switched to a larger needle for the cuff because I made these longer than I would normally, and I wanted to make sure that they fit my brother's calves. I used a sewn bind-off.
brother socks5 011408

And here's where I have to complain. I've used this bind-off a billion times, it seems, and I really hate the way it looks when the sock is not being worn. It's floopy and uneven and it offends my anal retentiveness. Isn't there a neater stretchy bind-off?

So, here are the deets, dudes.
Pattern: plain stockinette pattern of my own
Yarn: Cervinia Calzetteria in navy and charcoal
Needles: 32" size 2 Addis for all but the cuff; size 3 for the cuff
Started: 12/29/08
Finished: 1/13/08

My brother should be pleased. Hopefully these are thin enough that he can wear them to work. Previous pairs that I've made him were done with worsted weight and were too thick for everyday wear. He didn't realize that I could make them thinner until I showed him a pair of mine.

Despite the boredom, I did learn something while knitting these. I learned to knit without looking at what I'm doing. I've been able to do it for a few stitches before, but with this project, I was able to do row after row without looking. Yay for blind knitting!


The Brother socks being finished, it's a good time to mention a knitalong I joined: Sock a Month 5. The objective is simple: Knit one pair of socks a month for the next six months. The Brother socks are for January. Woohoo!


Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said...

May have been boring to knit, but these really are perfect guy socks! I'm sure your brother will love them!!!

Great job!

7:57 PM  
Blogger Brena said...

Those ARE the perfect guy socks! Kudos to you for making it through boring man socks. :)

I can't wait to see what you're doing for the next 5 months of socks.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Magatha said...

What a lovely classic pair of socks your brother gets out of all that boring stitching. I'd wear those socks. I love them!

Ever try a suspended bindoff? It's used on lace. It is an excellent loose bind off.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

That is a beautiful short row heel. I'm new to short rows, and mine look pretty squiggly still.

I happened upon Cat Bordhi's magic Cast On video a few weeks ago and thought it looked really cool. But then I committed myself to finishing something before I cast anything else on, so I haven't tried it yet. I may never get to, if I continue at my current rate. ;)

8:12 AM  

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