02 January 2008

In the land of socks

It's all socks, all the time around here.

RR socks 010208

I finished the knitting on the first Rotating Rib sock on Saturday. I still need to bind off, then I can move onto the second sock.

Then we have Kevin's birthday socks.

brother sock 010208

I started this sock on Sunday, and have blown through the foot, heel and 1/3 of the leg. Knitting on size 2s is sooooooooooo much faster than 0s. Duh. Good thing, too, because these socks are boring the hell out of me. They're plain stockinette and a total yawner. Maybe I'll be able to finish this one this weekend and can start on the second one. These are turning out to be lightning fast for this uber-slow knitter.

No progress on Candy, so no pictures. I'm trying not to admit to myself that I'm not good with sweater knitting. Someday I'll get back to Candy and actually finish it. Sure. Denial is a very comfy place.


Blogger Brena said...

Oooohhh... those rotating rib socks look really neat. And really cozy!

2:55 PM  
Blogger Magatha said...

Isn't it a trip that there's such a difference in speed between 0s and 2s? It always amazes me.
I love the plain boring sock. It's really classic. I've made that spiral rib on baby hats before but not yet on socks. If those socks are yours, let me know how they feel to wear them.
For instance, do they 'twist' and torture the ankle? That is what I imagine them doing to me. ;)

10:48 AM  

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