07 December 2007

You know you're knitting obsessed when...

At 8:45 last night, I was ensconced in my recliner, afghan and kitty in lap, needles a-clicking, watching CSI. Suddenly, the house went dark. Power outage. We had our first snow yesterday, but there wasn't any ice, so I was a bit surprised that the power went out. From my seat near the front window, I lifted up the blinds to see if anyone else had lost power, and sure enough, the whole block was dark, not a light on anywhere.

The house was blacker than night. I couldn't see the glasses on the end of my nose. I hear Shane from the other room, "Boy, it sure is dark in here." (Yeah, thanks Captain Obvious.) I asked if he was going to turn on the flashlight, and he said he was looking for it. About 30 seconds later, he clicks on the flashlight, and bursts out laughing.


"You're still knitting?"

"Well, yeah, I'm in the middle of a row, I can't stop now."


Blogger Magatha said...

Thanks to Nevada Power, we haven't had an outage in forever, knock wood, not even in the high heat of summer.
Yeah, never quit in the middle of a row! Hah!

10:18 AM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

I imagine if we were all on a lifeboat off a sinking ship, we'd all be knitting.

Hope the power came on soon. CSI is a 2-parter but I don't like the story line--they're making Warrick out to be some weirdo.

6:17 PM  

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