15 November 2007

Evening out with Dad

The concert I saw yesterday was Nickel Creek. They played at the old Liberty Hall theater in town. It's this really old theater that has standing-room-only on the first floor and seats in the balcony. Most of the time, they show independent and foreign movies there, with the occasional concert and party. Anyway, my dad had an extra ticket, so he called a few days ago and asked me to go with him. We had dinner first, then got in line at the theater (gotta love general admission tickets). We managed to find 6 seats together, which was good because we met my aunt Marylee and her date, as well as A and her husband. We all had a really good time. It was nice to have some time with Dad. I don't often get to chat with him by himself.

Nickel Creek1

This was apparently their farewell tour. Kinda sad because they are an excellent band, and the show was amazing. If you like folk and bluegrass, you should check them out.


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