10 November 2007

Saturday randomness

The Lap Whore curled up with BB last night as we watched The Wizard of Oz. She's never nice to him. I think she was annoyed that there were no other laps available for her to claim so she settled for BB's.

Brady Abbey 111007


And, my husband is wuss. A small garter snake somehow got into the kitchen. The thing was only about a foot long, but what did Mr. 6'4" Giant do? Hollered for me with a grossed out look on his face. He wouldn't touch it. I picked it up, showed it to BB, who thought it was pretty cool, and took it outside to the yard. I cannot believe this big man is such a weenie when it comes to snakes.


Blogger Georgiann said...

Way to go, wonder woman. Not so crazy about snakes myself.
And love that kitty picture -- they may be fickle, but they know a good lap when they find one.

10:08 PM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

I'd be halfway across the State if I found a snake in my kitchen!! You're a brave woman!

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think every couple must have one who can deal and one who can't. I do much better with bugs, snakes, etc. if I've killed some of them recently in a video game. ;)

How many 'anonymous' users are there like me who just can't remember their google password because a browser on a different computer remembers it automatically?

All the best,

8:02 PM  

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