05 December 2007

Blocking is a bitch

Here we are, ends woven in, kitty kat reflecting the flash in an oh so odd way. Can you tell that she has a cataract in one eye (the one not reflecting the flash)?
unblocked SotS 120507

And here we are all sudsy in the bathroom sink. I love the smell of Eucalan.
sudsy SotS 120507

Blob o' lace. See the beads?
wet 120507

Finally, all blocked out.
blocked SotS1 120507
blocked SotS2 120507

So. Blocking. What a bitch! I used floral stem wire, which was all I could find at Hobby Lobby Monday night. It worked okay. The problem is that I am too old and too fat to be sitting hunched over on the floor and pinning out a garment. Unfortunately, this space on the floor, between the entertainment center and the coffee table, is the only space large enough in my itty bitty house to block an object of this size. My back is going to be a mess tomorrow morning. My kingdom for a large work table!

Anyway, I will have modeled pictures and FO wrap-up this weekend.


Blogger OfTroy said...

a long work table?

next time, take a small tack hammer to the hinges of door. (closet doors is a good one)

knock out hinge pin (not hard to do)

with hinge pin out, door comes off hinge..set up door on 2 chairs..

its not the sturdiest (don't put liquids on because it can fall if bumped--just right!)

after, put door back in frame, (ie close the door in the frame) and replace hinge pins.

sliding doors (on closets) are even easier to pop out.. there is usually 1 screw (an adjusting screw) that needs to be loosened..

doors are great work surfaces, and when mounted on chair backs, a great work table height! and you already have one or two around the house!

1:43 PM  
Blogger Eryn said...

*sigh* I love ofTroy....

Your stole - and kitty - is absolutly fabulous. The color is gorgeous!

3:47 PM  
Blogger Magatha said...

And now you can wear this for the Holidays. (If it's yours?) It is just gorgeous!

11:15 AM  

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