03 December 2007

Feeling so much better

The obsessive perfectionist in me just couldn't go to bed Saturday night without fixing the error in my shawl. About an hour after I decided to put it down, I did what I do whenever I need to rip back a few rounds in a sock: I pulled out the needles, ripped back 6 rows, and carefully picked up the stitches with a small tapestry needle threaded with embroidery floss. Then, several stitches at a time, I slipped stitches from the floss to the left needle and knitted (correctly this time) a row. I felt much better having fixed the mistake instead of just continuing on. Bummer that I lost about 2 hours of knitting time. Oh, well. Onwards!

Three more days to knit. It's a race to the finish!


Blogger Magatha said...

That's the facts of lace life. Good for you for getting on with it!

10:42 AM  

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