23 October 2007

Queen of Slack

I am Bad Blogger, hear me roar. Not only am I late with last week’s blogstalker assignment, I realized today that I haven’t posted a thing since last Wednesday. Quite a dull life I have and I guess I didn’t want to lull you all to sleep with the details (although if you have a touch of the insomnia, I’d be glad to oblige you with talk of vacuuming, laundry, and proof editing).

Blogstalker week 5 assignment: Interesting statue.

I had to think on this one. The only thing that came to my mind immediately are the Jayhawks on Parade (a la Cows on Parade) statues that are around town. None of those is very interesting though. They provide something interesting to look at, but really, who cares about a Jayhawk dressed up like a Wizard of Oz nightmare (oooo, how original: Kansas—Wizard of Oz).

Then I remembered this beauty.


My mother would be a hundred shades of horrified if she knew I posted a picture of this thing on my blog, so I had to sneak into her house this weekend while she and dad were away to take a picture.

statue front

For most of my childhood, this lovely had a place on my parents’ dresser, next to my mom’s jewelry box. I loved looking at it because there was something so taboo about a nude woman just sitting there. Especially in the conservative Christian household in which I was raised. Apparently, others liked to look at her too, and touch. Notice where the statue is worn—nose, chin, and nips. Hm. Maybe someone thought that rubbing the nips would be like rubbing Budda’s belly—lot’s of good luck and all. Or maybe they were copping a feel off a statue. Who knows.

statue back

Anyway, I have no idea what the story is behind this piece of “art.” I’m sure that my mother told me once upon a time, but I can’t remember. Sad thing is that she (the statue, not mom) has lost her place of honor on the dresser. Now she is a door stop in my parents’ bathroom, which would explain the layer of dust in the poor thing’s naughty bits.

I got to visit the kitties while I was stealthily snapping nude statue pics. They’re so soft and squishy, and impossible to get pictures of (hence the rabid cat look on Sophie’s face).

Gracie 102007

Sophie2 102007


Blogger TechGirl said...

What is it with your family and evil pets?

In cincy, we have something like the Jayhawks.. We have The Big Pig Gig. Beavercreek did the same thing with giant beavers (i have some pics of some of them). And Erie, PA does the same thing with giant angel fish. They're really pretty.



10:24 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

It's a lovely statue :) I would be interested if there were a story behind it. The last kitty picture cracked me up! Wilmington, DE has dinosaurs everywhere...

6:06 AM  
Blogger Magatha said...

Well, I would so love to know the
story of that statue. Ask your Mom, someday when she's relaxed and happy, she'll tell you. ;-)

4:42 PM  

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