18 October 2008

Adventures in plane knitting

I returned from a short business trip to DC on Wednesday night. My seat on the small commuter plane was in the very last row. As usual when I fly, I sat down, took out my iPod and purse knitting, and stowed my purse under the seat. After getting settled, I took out the sock I'm working on started knitting while waiting for the plane to take off. The man sitting next to me looked to be about my age, mid-30s. He was fiddling with his Blackberry in the few minutes we had before the plane started taxiing.

Then, "You're very patient," he said looking down at my hands.

"Not really. The fact that I have to do this [knit] while waiting is proof that I'm not patient enough to just sit quietly."



Have you ever watched yourself knitting from a different angle? Because my flight from DC was at night, the plane was dark except for the individual reading lights that shined like little spotlights throughout the interior of the plane. I was in the window seat, and the shade on the window was up ("for your safety" according to the flight attendant). The reading light shining on my lap lit up my knitting in such a way that my glowing, knitting hands were the only things reflected in the surface of the window. I could see myself knitting as if I were sitting next to myself. It was a little surreal. I was knitting, could feel myself kitting, but the motions I was making didn't seem to correspond to what I was seeing in my reflection.




Blogger kemtee said...

I'll sometimes catch the reflection of my hands in my monitor while I type something. It's the oddest thing, seeing "someone else's" hands type. There's an odd disconnect going on.

Of course, I was the weird kid who used to reflect a hand mirror into the large one over my dresser, and wonder how far I could seeā€¦.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Brena said...

Michael takes pictures of me knitting all the time and usually they're all blurry from me knitting to fast!

The one thing that does catch my eye daily is how my left hand looks with my ring on it. It still surprises me.

7:45 AM  

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