29 September 2008

So. Close.

I am sooooooo close to being finished with the Peacock Feathers shawl. Only 5 rows to go. At over 450 stitches per row, that's about 3 hours worth of knitting. I am determined to get the knitting finished tomorrow so that I can have the next 2 days to do the crochet bind-off and block it before I have to give it to the recipient on Saturday.

I worked on the thing for so many hours this weekend that I woke up with aching neck and shoulders this morning and was late to work. Ugh.

I'm sorry for not posting pictures of my progress. You know how lace in progress can be - quite blobby. There's not much point in taking pics when each week of progress looks like the previous week. I will definitely post lots of pics when it's finished.



Blogger Brena said...

Wow, that sounds quick! I hope that I can get my bridesmaids shawl's done that quickly (yes I've gone crazy and decided that everyone needs a lace shawl out of the same yarn but different patterns. I'm starting with my own in case I burn out.)

7:40 AM  

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