17 September 2007

I saw the Harlot. And she saw me!

Wendy and I drove to Wichita yesterday to see the Yarn Harlot at Wichita East High School. So exciting! The drive was much shorter than the last time I went to Wichita, when I was in high school. The speed limit is now 70, so maybe that has something to do with it.

We were there early enough to get a good spot in line. The women in front of us were sitting on the floor, knitting, so of course we did the same. I definitely wasn't going to get any weird looks knitting in public in this crowd. I pulled out my Jaywalker sock and Wendy worked on her scarf. The line behind us got longer and longer. Eventually, the line started moving forward, but not before a group of about 5 women behind us cut in front of us, I think because we were still sitting when the line started moving, and they were standing. I was a bit irked at their rudeness, but such is life--there are rude people everywhere.

We managed to get up to the 3rd row of seats. It was a great vantage point to see the Harlot on the stage.

this photo way sucks because it was really dark in the auditorium

And of course, she was brilliant. If she ever comes to a town near you, I highly recommend attending one of her talks.

Now, for the best part. Go here. Now, scroll down to the section about Wichita. Sixth photo down. See it? Yep, that's yours truly! And that's the mystery washcloth (or dishcloth, whatever) I finished last month! I decided to make the Harlot a dishcloth as soon as I heard she was coming here, since she collects state-themed dishcloths. I know. I'm a dork. I felt a little weird giving it to her, as it's kind of a stalker sort of thing to do, but she was totally cool.

Anyway, it was awesome. She's writing a new book and I hope she comes here again on her next tour.


Blogger Holly said...

I think stalking the harlot is completely normal! What a great story to share! Glad you enjoyed her; I've not had the opportunity to hear her speak, but I hope to one day.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Ann said...

Hi - I found you via the harlot's page. I'm a native Kansan (my grandma still lives in Wichita) and wonder if you could share where you got the pattern for the buffalo washcloth? My husband loves buffalo and would get a kick out of one. :)

9:05 AM  
Blogger TechGirl said...

Awwwww...there you are with your dishcloth!!

1:15 PM  

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