12 September 2007

Whatcha workin' on?

I didn’t post about my works in progress last Wednesday, so I have some making up to do.

First up are some Ball Band Dishcloths from Mason-Dixon Knitting (though, when I read that the pattern is actually from the Peaches ‘n Cream ball band [so that’s where the name of the pattern came from – big duh!] I just used the pattern as written on the bands from the yarn I bought from Wally World). I’m not really a dishcloth kinda gal, but, I thought my mom might like a few. She’s the only one I know who still uses dishcloths. I picked these 4 colors; I think she’s really going to like them.

Dishcloth cotton

The trick will be to get her to actually use them. I predict that she won’t.

washcloths 091107

They’ll sit in a drawer. I also predict that when my grandma sees them, she’ll want some too, though I can’t see her using them either.

I am just about finished with the third one. My plan is to give her 4 of them. Her birthday is Saturday, so that gives me 4 days to finish them. Not usually a problem for something so small and simple, but the cotton just kills my hands, so it takes me longer to knit with it.

Next on the list is a pair of Jaywalkers.

jaywalker 091107
(please ignore the cat hair blob on the floor)

That’s the first sock. Looks big, doesn’t it. I am soooo not feeling the love for these socks. I have had the hardest time with them. I started them in the car on the way to Colorado, on size 1s, cuff-down, with a 92 stitch cast-on. Too big. So, I ripped, and changed the needle size to 0s, same number of stitches cast-on. Still too big. I ripped again, went back to the size 1s, and went down one size to the 84 stitch cast-on.

All was good in sock land. After getting through the cuff, I tried it on. Fit seemed pretty good. Completed a few rounds of the pattern and tried it on again. Still good. Plugged along. Then the next day I happened to see a close up picture of someone’s Jaywalker sock – you know the one on the login page for Ravelry? I was checking up on where I am in the list of gabillion people waiting for an invite. That’s when I realized that I had completely screwed up the double decreases. I had thought they looked wonky, but sometimes knitting does, so I didn’t worry about it.

More ripping. And the cussing commenced. I really hate working cuff-down, so I decided my fourth attempt would be toe-up. It appears I have figured out the decreases and the pattern itself is looking more normal. Only problem now is that it seems awfully large. I keep trying it on; keep hoping my already fat feet will fill the sock better. Nope. I’m getting 9 sts/inch, which would usually mean a 76-80 stitch sock for me. 84 is a lot of stitches. But, I have read a dozen times how non-stretchy the pattern is, so I chose the larger of the 2 sizes offered in the original pattern. I guess I’ll find out when I get past the heel turn and onto the leg if they’re really too big. Gawd, I hope not. I don’t think I can face ripping them again.

The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun 6-ply. Not loving the yarn AT ALL. It’s horribly scratch. I really hope that it softens with washing.

The final new project on the needles is a Log Cabin Blanket, also from our friends at Mason-Dixon Knitting.

log cabin 091107

It’s going to be a baby blanket for my upcoming [impending? future? soon-to-be?] niece. Yes, I know, the colors aren’t very baby-like. They’re earth tones. I didn’t mean to do this, but they match my living room décor pretty well. I wanted not-so-typical baby colors, as I hate pastels, and so does the mommy. What I really wanted were purples and greens, but I couldn’t find anything I liked at the Yarn Barn when I went shopping before we went to Colorado. Though the colors are a little drab, I like the way it’s turning out.

Speaking of log cabin knitting… the Celtic Knot Afghan is about to be no more. I hate it. I have not worked on it in many weeks, so it’s time to ax the poor thing. Instead, I am going to pick a color that coordinates well with the teal heather that I bought for it and make something like this. I don’t want to pay for the pattern, so I’m going to do the math myself. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

Lady E. is still on the needles and still hasn’t been worked on in a while. I’ll get back to it once I have the dishcloths done.


Blogger Dame Wendy said...

The wash cloths look adorable! I love the cheery colors you picked. :)

5:56 PM  
Blogger TechGirl said...

No one you know uses washcloths anymore?

2:32 AM  
Anonymous knitsnthings said...

I like the log cabin block...what a great idea for some of my left-overs. I also sew and make quilts so that design appeals to me :) All of your stuff looks great!

7:33 AM  

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