22 August 2007

My messy basket

I’ve made progress on the Ribbed Lace socks, as noted on the Monday post. I finished the first one and have just started the gusset on the second one. If I don’t get it finished this weekend, it will definitely be done by the time we leave for Colorado next week.

The laptop cover is almost ready for felting. I am working on the pocket for the front. I have probably 20 more rows of that before I can attach it and throw the whole mess in the washer. That’s another project that I really want to finish before vacation, as I’d like to be able to use it on the trip.

Lady Eleanor has stalled. I worked a few squares on it late last week, but nothing more. I’ll pick it back up in earnest when I finish the socks and laptop cover.

The Celtic Knot afghan has also stalled. I just haven’t been in the mood to work on it lately.

I didn’t have a chance to photograph anything last night, so here’s the picture you get, taken in a rush this morning.

knitting basket

This is my knitting basket. I bought it at Hobby Lobby years ago. It used to hold magazines, but now holds my WIPs. From left to right: the dark teal thing is the Celtic Knot afghan, with the ball of yarn on the floor; the finished Ribbed Lace sock is sitting on top of the laptop cover—the green thing on the very top is the pocket, with the ball of yarn next to it; underneath everything on the right is the Lady E.; and on the floor in front of the basket is the second Ribbed Lace sock and the ball of yarn (in a zipper bag so that it doesn’t unwind itself). Deep inside the basket is the sweater vest that I started for my dad that I now need to frog (changed my mind). I think there are some odds and ends of other yarn in there too, but I’m not unearthing the mess to find out.


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