20 August 2007

Is it October yet?

There's an odd time warp enclosing our little piece of hell...er...paradise. See?

backyard 082007

Looking out into the back yard, I think crisp air, apples, shorter days, pumpkins, cider. Then I open the back door and a blast of hot air slaps me in the face. Oh yeah, it's not fall yet. Tell that to the gigantor tree growing in my neighbor's yard. The poor thing is so large, and the heat has been so extreme lately, that it can't sustain leaves on some of the longer branches. So it dumped them. All over our back yard. And front yard. And gutters. Poor Shane will probably have to rake before mowing the next time because the leaf cover is too thick to just mow over. Good thing it's been so hot that our grass is near dead, otherwise he would have had to mow much more often than he has; a chore made all the worse in the heat when he has to rake leaves first (soooooo glad the yard is not my responsibility).


Look what L gave me today!


Some of you may know that I work for the publishing division of a printing company. Seems L and S were looking through some boxes in an old part of the building and ran across some letter blocks from the company's linotype days. L snagged me a couple of blocks in my initials. So cool!


I finished the first Ribbed Lace sock. I'll post pictures on Wednesday. I finished it last Thursday night and cast-on for the second one on Friday. I'm nearly to the heel and it's only Monday. I don't know why I was worried I wouldn't finish the pair before we leave on the 31st. I'm thinking it should be no problem to have the second sock bound-off by Sunday, at the latest. Then it's on to the next pair! My first pair of Jaywalkers!


Blogger TechGirl said...

Yep, our maple trees have dumped all over our yard, too. Looks like Fall, feels like Hell. Way too freakin' hot.

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