03 September 2007

Ah, vacation

We left Lawrence at 10am Friday morning. That had us at Junction City in enough time to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel (a bit of a tradition – we always stop and eat there on our way out to Colorado). We arrived in Limon, CO at about 5:30. We stayed in a pretty nice hotel; one of a chain that I wasn’t expecting to be so nice. After settling in a bit, we ate dinner at a place called Oscar’s Bar and Grill. The food was okay, nothing that notable, but the cool thing was that all of the dishes were named after movies. Get it? Oscars. Movies. Hee hee.

After breakfast the next morning we hit the road again, arriving at Riverwood condos around 3pm. I can’t believe how nice this place is.

This was taken from the back door looking in.


Here is our bedroom – it has a door to the back porch, a fireplace, and Jacuzzi tub. Woohoo!

Our bedroom

Here’s the view from the back porch. The Fall River is about 5 feet past the trees behind the picnic table, and down a little incline.

View from back1

Here’s the back of the condo. It just occurs to me that I haven’t taken a picture of the front. Oh, well, it’s the back that’s really cool.

Back of condo

Wendy and Pete stayed at the Stanley Hotel on Saturday night. After watching that show Ghost Hunters, and one of the episodes filmed in the Stanley, Pete had this idea to stay in the same room that Stephen King stayed in while he wrote part of The Shining. It was his Christmas gift to Wendy. I think they were hoping to have a ghostly encounter. Uh, yeah.

The view from the front porch is amazing.

View from Stanley

Anyway, we ate dinner with them in the restaurant that’s in the Stanley, which was excellent. They took us up to the room so we could take a look around. It’s definitely an old building, but the owners have done a pretty good job of updating it.

Sunday, Wendy and I went to the Estes Park Alpaca Market. This is the third year that we’ve been. There are a few vendors selling yarn, fiber, and garments, and some alpacas in pens.

Bunch of alpacas

Awww…. Aren’t they cute? I wanted to take one home. After looking around for a little while, I finally decided on some yarn. I’ll post pictures later. Wendy bought some yarn too, from a woman I’ve bought yarn from in the past. I was shocked that she actually bought herself something. She never does that. I hope she can find a pattern to make with it. It’s a lovely camel colored worsted weight 100% alpaca.

After the alpaca market we walked downtown to an arts and crafts festival. I bought soap there last year and wanted to get some this year too. Took us a while to find a vendor selling homemade soap, but when we did, I bought 4 bars and a cake of hand lotion.

Monday, it rained, so we stayed in and napped. Today we did some hiking, but this post is already too long so I'll post those pictures later.


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Looks lovely! What a great vacation. :)

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Looks like a lovely time. :)

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