30 July 2008

New WiPs

I have a couple of new WiPs to show you.

The first is a cable and moss stitch sock.

cable sock 073008

The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks. I'm not super excited about knitting these. I started out making a different pattern, but it contained a bunch of p2 tbl, and Addis just aren't pointy enough for that sort of decrease with fingering weight yarn - especially since I am the uber-tight knitter. By the time I gave up, I already had the cuff done and didn't feel like ripping it out. That meant finding a 72 stitch pattern that would look okay with 2x2 ribbing on the cuff. The cables and moss stitch pattern seems to be working well. This is the first time I have made a sock with cables since my very first pair of socks, made 4 years ago.

Oh, and the yarn is Knit Picks Risata. The elastic content is interesting, but the yarn is very acrylic-feeling. Kinda squeeky.

The other new WiP is the Henry scarf from Knitty.

Henry 073008

Yes, I know this looks like a big blob of cat hair. It's handspun alpaca that I bought at an alpaca market in Estes Park about 3 years ago. The yarn is the perfect weight for the project. The extra fuzz may obscure the pattern now, but I'm hoping that it becomes a little more visible in the finished object. Either way, it's sooooo soft, so who cares?

The Peacock Shawl is plugging along, but doesn't look any different. And, I still haven't picked up the Five Alarm Bag. With all the small needle knitting I've been doing, that bag should be a nice break for my hands if I can figure out where I left off.



Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love the cable sock!! Just catching up from vacation...you sure have been a busy knitter!! The socks and shawl are absolutely gorgeous!!

1:39 PM  

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