19 September 2007

Wednesday night WiPs

I ended up a bit busier at work today than I expected so I didn't get to post anything about my current projects earlier. What is up with the job getting in the way of my blogging?!?

Quick and dirty... (where exactly does that phrase come from?)

Lady E.: I have just finished tier 30. Only 5 more to go and then the ending tier of triangles.

Lady E2 091807

Jaywalkers: I am getting ready to start increasing for the gusset on the first sock.

Jaywalkers 091807
holy hell my coffee table is horrid mess!

They're not turning out as big as I thought they would be. I'm going to make them a bit shorter than usual just in case, to compensate for them being a bit loose in the foot.

I haven't done anything more on the log cabin baby blanket, so no picture.

I did want to bring you this from Abbey.

Abbey marking

She's claiming my laptop by rubbing her face on it. What you don't see is that she is standing on my outstretched legs; on the shinbones of each leg, to be exact. Her front paws are planted on my left leg and her back paws on my right leg. Her 6.5 pounds of weight are being driven into my bones by her pointy little feet. While I'm glad that she doesn't weigh more, it still hurt like hell. As soon as I put the camera down, I was a-cussin' and kitty went a-flyin'.


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