25 July 2007

WIPs today

In my efforts to be a better blogger, I thought I’d start posting weekly reports on my works in process. I have a lot of projects in line to finish by the end of the year (can’t believe I’m already thinking about Christmas when it’s 90 degrees outside), so maybe it won’t all seem so daunting if I record my progress. Photos will be posted with the updates when possible. The lighting in my house is atrocious no matter the time of day, so I will do my best to take pics that actually show something interesting.

First up is the Lady Eleanor shawl from Scarf Style. I’m working it in Patons SWS, in the Natural Geranium colorway.

L Eleanor 072407

It’s a Christmas gift for someone, but I won’t say who just yet. At bedtime last night, I had 11 tiers of rectangles finished. I am absolutely loving this pattern. I’m using big needles (10.5 Addis) so it’s going so quickly! Entrelac is an interesting technique. I even managed to teach myself to purl backwards so that I don’t have to turn my work every 8 stitches. So cool!

Next up is the Celtic Knot Afghan.

Celtic Knot 072407

I’m using Cascade 220 in a dark turquoise heather (can’t remember the actual color name right now). This is also a gift. I am about 3/4 finished with the first strip. I have to make 3 strips, sew them together, then pick up stitches for the edging. I have to have this finished by the beginning of October. I’m not the fastest knitter, so we’ll see if that actually happens. Good thing is the pattern is pretty easy to follow, though it’s complicated enough that I don’t have it memorized just yet. Love the yarn.

Number 3 is a dishcloth. I won’t say much about this just yet. The design is my own. (Oooh, you mean you designed a whole dishcloth yourself?!? You’re so talented! Not!)

dishcloth 072407

And last is my selfish indulgence—a pair of socks for me, me, me.

Lacy Rib sock 072407

I try to have something going on small needles at all times so that I can switch back and forth between small and large needle projects. It’s my vain effort to stave off carpal tunnel. Anyway, the pattern is the Ribbed Lace stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks, with some extra stitches thrown in to accommodate my fat ankles. Yarn is Koigu. The colors are pooling weirdly on the leg, but I don’t mind. They’re pretty anyway.

That’s all she wrote for now. Progress report next week!


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I love the lady eleanor!!!!!!! Your sis.

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