04 June 2007


I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus, but I’m back now. I had some business travel, then catching up at work after the business travel, then I was sick, and then just lazy.

The trip to Austin went okay. I traveled with T, E, and W, all fellow managing editors at AP. We all got along pretty well, though W spent less time around the other 3 of us, I think mostly because she needed a break. Can’t blame her there. It’s hard to travel with coworkers who you don’t know very well.

The CSE meeting was in the Hilton Austin. Here’s my hotel room…
Austin hotel room

And here’s the view from my room…
view from my room

Not sure why, but just about everyone else from AP was put on the 12th floor and I was on the 18th. Maybe I smell or something.

I attended a short course on publication management on Saturday, 5/19, and then various sessions Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Overall, I learned some stuff. It’s interesting to be in a room full of people who do the same thing for a living that you do. Usually, I have to go into a long explanation of what I do before people get an inkling, but at CSE, I didn’t have to do that.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, we ran into Anna, M, and A at the hotel. We ended up eating dinner with A at a restaurant that was way more expensive than it should have been (glad A paid so that it has to go on her expense report and not mine). After dinner, a bunch of us gathered (Anna, M, and some AP clients and vendors) to go on what is called the Duck Tour.

Duck tour
Yep, that’s the vehicle we drove around in. We even had little quacker whistles to blow at unsuspecting passers-by.

Duck Tour
That’s me fourth from the left.

The tour drove us around Austin where we saw a lot of historic buildings. I managed to get a picture of the capital and the governor’s mansion (which is really close to the street, which I thought was very trusting of him, the Governor).
Austin capital
Austin governor's mansion

I thought the stars on the fence around the governor’s mansion were cool.

Then after the tour of downtown Austin, we headed to a lake, the name of which escapes me. We drove directly into the lake, and, voila, the “bus” turned into a boat. It was too dark by then to take many pictures but here’s a blurry one.
Duck Tour on the lake

Once we had tooled around the lake for a while, we drove right out of the water and back onto the streets of Austin. It was a pretty cool tour, despite all the bad duck puns that the driver made during the whole trip.

The bummer about the trip (aside from the constant pressure from the higher-ups to “mingle” with other attendees) was that I didn’t make it over to Hill Country Weavers. I had a couple of opportunities, but my first chance I was dog tired from traveling, and my second chance, it was raining (I had intended to walk there, as taking a cab 2 miles seemed excessive). Oh, well, maybe next time.


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