11 June 2007

Stitch 'N Pitch day at the Royals

Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day, but I didn’t get to knit in public because Shane and I worked in the yard all day. Instead, I did my knitterly duty at the Stitch ‘N Pitch event at Kauffman Stadium, home of the KC Royals. The event was sponsored by TNNA (The National Needlearts Association). I somehow convinced Wendy, Pete, and Shane to go with me. We had Brady with us too. I bought the tickets online from the event coordinator, who told me to pick them up at the Will Call window. It was my understanding that we’d get some swag with the tickets, so when the woman at the window gave me the envelope with our tickets, and nothing else, I bitched. The woman looked like she didn’t know what I was talking about, but they gave me a Royals bag anyway. It’s one of those drawstring bags that can be worn as a backpack. I was a bit disappointed, but figured beggars can’t be choosers.

Once we made it up to the section we were going to be sitting, there was a guy there handing out Stitch ‘N Pitch tote bags full of stuff.
S 'n P gift bag
I was right that we were supposed to get some swag, it just never occurred to me that they’d be giving it away near the seats. So I got a Royals bag I wasn’t supposed to get because I complained. Hee hee.

Our seats were in the 3rd base outfield. Here’s the view of the diamond from our seats…
S 'n P1

And the outfield…
Kauffman Stadium is pretty nice. They have a jumbotron as well as the big crown where the stats are displayed, and water fountains, and fireworks.

The day started out cloudy and with a few sprinkles. It wasn’t too hot out at first. Because the sun wasn’t out, none of us put on sun screen (I know, one can burn even through clouds), which proved to be a bad idea later when the sun came out and we were all already a little pink. Duh.
My family S 'n P

Wendy knitting
Wendy brought her knitting, a scarf.

My knitting
I brought my knitting, some charity stuff that I’ll post about later.

S 'n P knitters2
S 'n P knitters
There were other knitters a few rows in front of us.

We made it to the 6th inning before we’d all melted in the heat. Not too bad considering I didn’t watch the game at all. I heard later that the Royals won (they were playing the Phillies, by the way).


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