13 July 2007

Concert of the year

On 2 July, Shane, Wendy, Pete and I drove to St. Louis to see The Police in concert. I purchased the tickets when they went on sale in March. I have been a major fan (they, along with Sting solo are my absolute favorites) since I was in junior high. Of course, by then, the band had broken up, so I never have had the chance to see them live until now. Once I heard they were actually touring, and that the closest they would be coming to Kansas was St. Louis, I was there.

We drove out the day of the concert, in the morning. The drive from Lawrence to St. Louis is about 4.5 hours. Shane drove the whole way, even navigating the hellish highways in St. Louis without losing his mind. I just have to say that it is not the nicest city. The hotel we stayed at was downtown, right across the street from the Arch. The area around there is full of run-down buildings. And I don't mean just empty and abandoned. I mean in ruins. And dirty. I was not impressed. The way that the highway exits are there, we ended up passing our hotel and had to drive across the river in order to get back on the right track to the hotel. Very frustrating when you can see the building, but can't get there for anything. Thankfully, Shane kept a level head and managed to get us safely to the hotel. We stayed at the Adam's Mark. I was a bit worried when we pulled up because I could see that the building was older. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. Here's our room...
St Louis hotel1
It even had a little sitting area...
St Louis hotel2

Once we had settled in the hotel, we hopped back in the car and drove the mile and a half to the Scottrade Center.
Scottrade Center

We had to wait outside for a while because the doors weren't open yet. Once inside, we got some food (we hadn't had dinner yet), and found our seats. This is what we could see from where we were sitting (please forgive the crappy cell phone pictures)...
Before the concert

We waited for probably half an hour for the first band to start playing. The name of the band was Fiction Plane. No one I've ever heard of, but apparently, the lead singer is Sting's son. Sounded just like him.
Fiction Plane

I realized when The Police hit the stage that in fact, the concert was sold out. There were people everywhere. And they all knew the songs. All of us were reliving our teenagerhood. I took a few crappy pics. I even took 18 seconds of bad video, but I'm not going to try and post that.

That last one was "Roxanne". Can you tell by the red lights?

It was an excellent concert. I'm really glad we went. It was well worth the $100 per ticket. Shane wasn't a fan before the concert, but he definitely is now. For three guys alone on the stage, they rock.


Blogger TechGirl said...

What, no pics of the arch?? hehe..I'm glad you got to see your favorite band. I like them as well, but I don't think they came anywhere around here.

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